About Algarve's Sitters

Algarve's Sitters is a Portuguese company based in the Algarve which offers services for babies, children, adults and senior citizens.

It is exceptional because of the quality of the services it offers. Its employees have specialised training and are carefully selected according to their qualifications, values and experience.

Algarve's Sitters ensure professionalism with a generous dose of attention, kindness and care.

Our family

Hugo Bernardo CEO

❤ Theatre & Sports

Susana Ferreira CEO

❤ Games, Science, Travel & Books

Catarina Vilhena Cabrita Designer

Educational Activities Monitor
❤ Travel, DIY & Music

Ana Brito Teacher

English Teacher
❤ Books, Cinema & Sports

Ana Mourinho Health Sciences

Kids Club Hostess
❤ Science & Travel

Denise Catarino Teacher

Geriatric Specialist | Educational Monitor
❤ DIY, Music & Theatre

Helena Correia Teacher

❤ Travel

Irma Oliveira Education Technician

Birthday Party's Hostess & Babysitter
❤ Children & Theatre

Isabela Martins Comunicational Science

Kids Club Hostess
❤ Sport & Cinema

João Pereira Education Technician

Educational Activities Monitor
❤ Sport & DIY

Marta Gomes Teacher

Kids Club Hostess & Babysitter
❤ Books, Theatre & Cinema

Milene Silva Psychologist

Special Needs Specialist | Educational Monitor
❤ Children & Teenagers

Mónica Barnabé Teacher

Kindergarden Teacher
❤ Books, Painting & Yoga

Mónica F. Sousa Social Intervention Technician

❤ History, Cinema & Travel

Sandra Nobre Teacher

Kindergarden Teacher | Kids Club Hostess
❤ Theatre & Expressions

Sónia Domingos Sociocultural Technician

Kids Club Hostess & Babysitter
❤ DIY & Travel